Bark busters – motorcycle hand guards

Bark busters– This is the only motorcycle hand guard provides protection,comfort & quality for on and off road motorcycle. it’s a innovative motorcycle accessories made in Australia. Bark busters can be fitted in Standard and Tapered handlebars, it’s a bike specific fitment which make riders user friendly. This brand has VPS (Variable Protection System). This mount is exposed of aluminum to protect it from minor crashes and tip over’s with the wind deflectors made from a high impact plastics. In the design of all Barkbusters products, Rideworx is committed to incorporating style, strength, durability and ease of fit. Hand Guards for all types of motorcycle. Barkbusters products are available in motogear india,chennai. where a customer can order their entire range on Barkbusters products in our online website and also visit our physical store in Chennai to trail their ranges.

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