Shad luggage solution
Shad-   A leading motorcycle luggage solution brand in the industry  guarantees you the best hard cases for all kinds of motorcycle,bikes. We Motogear is an authorized dealer of SHAD, where a customer can order their entire range on our online website and also visit our physical store in Chennai to trail their ranges. Shad has wide range of products like : Top Box, Panniers, Semi Rigid Luggages, Soft Luggages, Tail bags (Zulupack) and also Tail Box(Quad/ATV Cases). The SHAD acquits itself well with good (for a top case) looks, quality construction, and lots of useable space. More over, Shad product is totally integrated to the motorcycle profile. Highlights of the SHAD Luggage system as follows:

– Light and resistant.

– Patented. For its exclusivity and market innovation.

– Easy to mount.

– Light and compact. Reduced side case width.

– Easy load-access. Upper opening.

– High quality reinforced polypropylene

– Black, White and New Titanium

– One single key for the whole cases set (included)

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